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Release Notes OpenLaszlo release 3.0

LPS @VERSIONID@ Release NotesOpenLaszlo release 3.0, previously called Laszlo Presentation Server or LPS, marks a major milestone both in terms of the capabilities of the platform and also of the Laszlo open source process.
This release has been qualified against the testing suite and is believed to be stable.  

These release notes summarize platform changes since the LPS 2.2 release:


OpenLaszlo 3.1 Change Log

This document describes the past version changes in the OpenLaszlo Server (or Laszlo Presentation Server, "LPS"). Please see the  release notes for information regarding the current release.New Features since OpenLaszlo 3.0.2
Charting and Graphing Components
Flash 8 file generation
XMLHttpRequest ("ajax") API
Rich Text Class

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