OpenLaszlo 4.0 Released

“Judging from the quantity of OpenLaszlo 4.0 downloads during the beta period, which are more than double any other release candidate in the company’s history, we are confident that the market is ready and eager for a dependable advanced Ajax solution,” said Jim Grandy, Laszlo’s Director of OpenLaszlo. “With millions of people already touching OpenLaszlo through public websites including those of IBM, Walmart, H&R Block,, and Pandora, we expect this new release to only increase the types and number of OpenLaszlo applications available.”


Getting Help

“The training opened up my eyes to how powerful Laszlo really was. It is the kind of UI platform I have been looking for for a long time.”

—Lorenzo De Leon, Principal
Red Stone Innovations, LLC.


Associating multiple dataset requests with originators

I have what appears to me to be a common scenario so I am hoping that others have solved this.  I have a list of addresses, each address can be editted via a dialog box.  When the user clicks OK on the dialog box the changed address is posted via a dataset to update the backend and the address list is updated.  The key of the address is kept with the address and passed to the back end so the correct record is updated.  New addresses can be added and the backend generates and returns a new key.

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