OpenLaszlo is an open-source Ajax platform for creating powerful, cinematic Web applications that run in todays popular browsers. OpenLaszlo enables developers to build and deploy Web applications that combine the usability of desktop software with the effectiveness of Web-based deployment.OpenLaszlo - With or Without Flash

OpenLaszlo is designed to support deployment of Ajax applications across multiple runtimes and devices. OpenLaszlo can deploy applications running Flash 8, Flash 9, or DHTML.

OpenLaszlo gives developers the option to run applications using Flash or DHTML, an open standard built into most browsers. Future extensions include embedded runtimes in consumer devices, such as mobile phones and TV set-tops. Adopt OpenLaszlo today and open a new world of options for deploying compelling Web 2.0 applications now and in the future.Power With Flexibility

OpenLaszlo LZX is a declarative XML markup language with embedded JavaScript designed expressly for advanced Web applications. Its syntax is familiar to developers experienced with JavaScript, HTML and XML, and it provides advanced language features such as animation, layout, drawing, data binding, and server communication (persistent connections, SOAP, XML-RPC and XMLHttpRequest) to create an extraordinarily rich user experience. OpenLaszlo comes with a robust set of components and is supported by extensive documentation.Open Source, Open Standards, Open Architecture

OpenLaszlo is distributed under the vendor-friendly and OSI-certified Common Public License (CPL).  In addition to the freedom to develop, deploy and bundle, benefits also include:Advancing the Web Experience

See OpenLaszlo in action. LZpiX, for instance, demonstrates how rich and responsive OpenLaszlo applications can be; and it shows how the same application can be deployed with or without Flash. Go to Laszlo in Ten Minutes to experience first-hand how quickly you can get started at building or enriching your web applications.

Building on Success

OpenLaszlo has been widely adopted and used to deploy scores of web applications. OpenLaszlo offers a powerful development environment that goes far beyond the capabilities of Ajax toolkits. It includes a highly-evolved XML mark-up language, object-oriented programming model and extensible components that are abstracted from client runtimes. OpenLaszlo allows development teams to build and deploy, with remarkable efficiency, web-based applications that are as rich and robust as traditional client-based software programs.Professional Grade Open SourceLaszlo Systems, Inc., the creator of the OpenLaszlo platform, supports OpenLaszlo development projects with a full suite of services, from support to training to professional services for specifying, designing developing, and delivering robust applications.