The Integrated Development Environment for Laszlo, abbreviated 'IDE4Laszlo', is a set of Eclipse plug-ins that extend the Eclipse Platform to provide a robust IDE for developing and debugging Laszlo applications.  The IDE for Laszlo is an Eclipse Technology subproject, developed by IBM and Laszlo Systems, and available on the IDE for Laszlo Project page.How can the IDE for Laszlo benefit me?

Installing the IDE for Laszlo within Eclipse yields a comprehensive development environment for creating and testing Laszlo applications.

The IDE provides a rich editing environment for the LZX mark-up language, including XML and script-based content assistance, XML syntax highlighting, and XML code formatting. The editor is supported by Palette, Properties, and Outline views. These views allow developers to Drag and Drop new LZX elements into the editor, edit attributes, and modify the LZX document structure within a tree representation.

To ease development, the IDE enables the developer to preview a Laszlo application within the Eclipse environment. Debug capabilities include the ability to inspect variables, change object properties, and evaluate script expressions at runtime. Markers can be applied to reflect compilation and syntax errors.

When development is completed, the resulting applications can then be deployed either as a SOLO or proxied application.What are the system requirements?Supported Operating Systems:
Windows XP
Windows 2000
MacOS XHardware Requirements:
400 MB free disk space
1 GB or greater physical RAM
1 Ghz processorPrerequisite Software:
        Full Eclipse 3.1 SDK and the Eclipse Web Standard Tools (WST) downloadable here.

OpenLaszlo 3.1 Binary Distribution downloadable here.

Java Runtime Environment 1.4
Where can I get it?

Complete installation instructions and the download are available here.Will the IDE for Laszlo work on Mac OS X?

IDE for Laszlo will run on MacOS X. There are some cosmetic issues, such as button sizes, with Eclipse running on the Mac. These issues will not prevent IDE for Laszlo from running..Is there documentation?

When the IDE4Laszlo is installed within your Eclipse environment, a complete User Guide is embedded and accessible within the Eclipse Help pull-down menu under "Help Content/IDE for Laszlo User Guide".Is there a forum to provide feedback, report bugs and post questions?

Eclipse provides an online forum for the IDE4Laszlo project.

IBM and Laszlo Systems welcome and encourage your feedback!What is Eclipse?

Eclipse is a robust, extensible and open source IDE for software development. The Eclipse platform is written in Java to support multiple operating systems, and is supported by an extensive developer community. Eclipse was originally developed by IBM and is distributed under the OSI-certified Eclipse Public License.