The Integrated Development Environment for Laszlo, abbreviated 'IDE4Laszlo', is a set of Eclipse plug-ins that extend the Eclipse Platform to provide a robust IDE for developing and debugging Laszlo applications.  The IDE for Laszlo is an Eclipse Technology subproject, developed by IBM and Laszlo Systems, and available on the IDE for Laszlo Project page.How can the IDE for Laszlo benefit me?



OpenLaszlo is an open-source Ajax platform for creating powerful, cinematic Web applications that run in todays popular browsers. OpenLaszlo enables developers to build and deploy Web applications that combine the usability of desktop software with the effectiveness of Web-based deployment.OpenLaszlo - With or Without Flash



The OpenLaszlo SDK consists of a compiler written in Java, a runtime JavaScript library, and an optional Java servlet that provides additional services to the running application.OpenLaszlo Compiler

The OpenLaszlo Compiler compiles LZX source files into executable binaries for targeted run-time environments. OpenLaszlo currently targets Flash player version 8, Flash player version 9, and DHTML.


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