OpenLaslo is no longer supported

However, there are still projects that use the framework like Walmart and Pandora.

That is why we have brought up the website from the ashes, and you can find all the documentation and tutorials that we could bring back from the archive to hep you with the support of your outdated systems.

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What happened to OpenLaszlo?

Laszlo Systems, the primary sponsor of OpenLaszlo, has become part of Critical Path Inc. CP is a global company providing messaging, safety, and assurance solutions to more than 225 million people worldwide. Although CP was committed to supporting the development of OpenLaszlo, the project was abandoned.

Eventually, was shut down and the project is still using the framework left without support and documentation. That is why a group of web enthusiasts decided to put the site up again and create an archive of the tutorials and documentation that can be found from the late project.

If you are still using OpenLaszlo and you can not what you are looking here, since 2012 when the project was abandoned, a lot of more powerful and light platforms are available for your projects. You might consider frameworks like Polymer, Bootstrap, and Skeleton.

What is OpenLaszlo?


Save your time

The only write once, run anywhere rich internet application development framework. OpenLaszlo is the only rich internet platform that lets you write once and compile to both flash and DHTML.

Flexible layouts

With the declarative LZX Language, you can create active animations and various layouts for your project. It's easy to get started with OpenLaszlo.

Rapid deployment to any web server

And if you are looking for the best web hosting providers in the uk here is a list. If you decide to move from OpenLaszlo to Wordpress, you might want to explore the best wordpress hosting options here.

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Getting started

OpenLaszlo is the only rich internet platform that lets you write once and compile to both flash and DHTML. It's easy to get started with OpenLaszlo. Just do the following:


Download OpenLaszlo and install the software. Here you can check the system requirements as well.

Video tutorials

Here is a basic OpenLazslo tutorial that will get you started in less than 4 minutes.


Ready to go

Now that you have the framework installed, browse the archive for demos and tutorials that will help you with your work.

Go deeper

When you're ready for more technical detail on OpenLaszlo's architecture and design, download the OpenLaszlo White Paper: OpenLaszlo: An Open Architecture Framework for Advanced Ajax Applications.

OpenLaszlo Applications

WIX website builder

We made an investigation on the Wix promo codes and vouchers and we came to the conclusion that most of the sits on page one are only there to waste your time. Read the whole research on the link above.

More projects that have used OpenLaszlo in the past like TheToy you can find here.

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