[Mobile] The value of mobile Flash and AIR for OpenLaszlo

Raju Bitter r.bitter.mailinglists at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 15 05:00:17 PDT 2010

What is your take on the value of mobile Flash and AIR apps? I've
taken the Adobe AIR for Android build script to the level that the
script will build your LZX file into an Air APK and install that one
the device automatically. On my machine (Macbook Pro, Intel Core 2
Duo, 2.8 Ghz) it takes about 16-20s to have a simple app compiled,
packaged and installed on the phone.

Performance is very good, startup of the app is a total of 1.5s,
gestures work well - overall looks like a very powerful platform for
building mobile apps.

How many of you would deploy a Flash based application vs an HTML5 one?

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