[Laszlo-user] Datepicker problem

Carlos Martínez cmartinez at ecweb.cl
Mon Jun 30 14:44:30 PDT 2008

Hi people.

I have a problem with datepicker. When I use this class in the canvas I
don't have problems, but when I use it inside of a view or any tag, the
datepicker can't show the correct date declared by showingdate,
earliestdate, latestdate, selecteddate attributes. The selecteddate
attribute, selects correctly, but isn't showing it in the calendar.
Showingdate attribute don't work. Earliestdate works, but when I look for
years, the little combobox to select year is bugged (don't have scroll and
looks like 2 combobox, one behind the other). Latestdate attribute: the
same that earliestdate.

I've tried to fix the problem in the basedatepicker.lzx file, watching the
LPP-2641 problem, but I can't got nothing.

Someone have the solution?

Many thanks!!


Carlos Martínez

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