[Laszlo-user] [Laszlo-dev] Where did the swf9 button go?

Henry Minsky ptw at pobox.com
Mon Jun 23 20:36:03 PDT 2008

We removed the swf9 button from the dev console for the upcoming
release, to avoid confusing people too much, given the
preliminary support at the moment. You can still compile swf9 apps by  
"lzr=swf9" to the url.

Or, if you are building the LPS from source, you can uncomment the
"swf9" radiobutton in lps/admin/dev-console.lzx, and then
rebuild the dev-console by running  the new console-rebuilding ant  
task there:

  cd lps/admin

remember to clear your browser cache before reloading to see the
rebuilt dev-console, as it is loaded as a SOLO app.

We're planning to put the swf9 button back after the release.

Henry Minsky
Software Architect
hminsky at laszlosystems.com

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