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Khurram Samad khurram at geniteam.com
Mon Jun 23 22:24:43 PDT 2008

Hi Leonardo
Glad to find another Open Laszlo IDE enthusiast over list. I will search
through my notes as did some research on OL-IDE almost a year back. I am
also floating the idea over multiple forums. Let's exchange notes and see,
if someone else is also interested in contribution.

Khurram Samad
GenITeam | A Web2.0 specialist Company

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On Monday 23 June 2008 05:36:36 Khurram Samad wrote:
> Dear Friends
> I floated the idea of IDE for OpenLaszlo almost a year back.
> I haven't seen much progress in this regard from open source community or
> LaszloSystem itself, except an initiative by Spket.
> Can anyone please update me on progress?
Well, I didn't know about this idea, I'm pretty new to OL and, of course, to

this list and the forum too, but, I'd really like an Open Source IDE for OL,

I think this is a big lack. I've been thinking on the idea of develop an
I've tried the netbeans plugin, but I don't like it too much, for several 

I haven't had the time yet to write down the main concepts, the scope, etc, 
but I'll do it in the next few days. This post really ecouraged me to keep 
going on the OL IDE project as I see at least one more person would like it.

I'd like to know if there's anybody with more experience on OL than me who 
think that an IDE could improve OL development or the OL project itself.
I've seen the difference between working with an IDE in the case of Adobe
and many other languages and working with just a text editor and, in my 
opinion, I think an IDE has a lot of advantages when you use it as a helper 
tool. I don't like the idea that makes the IDE a MUST on developing with any

language (pretty much this is the case of Flex), I think you should be able 
to develop, compile and link any application without the need of an IDE, but

I like the idea of an IDE that make the things easier for you when you have 
to develop big projects.

Any observation, concern, critic, idea, would be welcome.


Leonardo Mateo.
There's no place like ~

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