[Laszlo-user] Modular and Styled OL Application

Leonardo Mateo leonardomateo at gmail.com
Wed Jun 18 16:10:20 PDT 2008

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 9:29 AM, Henry Minsky <hminsky at laszlosystems.com> wrote:
> Hi Leonard,
> As to your first question, there is a runtime loaded library facility
> which is accessed by using the
> <import> tag. Any library which is referenced in the main app via a
> <import> tag will be compiled
> as a runtime loaded library. The library loading can be deferred if you specify
> <import name="mylib" stage="defer" href="lib/mylib.lzx"/>
> and then loading can be forced at some point in your application by
> calling  the load() method on the library object.
> In swf8, classes, script code, fonts, and views can be loaded from a
> runtime library, however image or audio assets can't be compiled
> in due to some limitations of the Flash 8 runtime. When we have swf9
> support working fully,embedding image asset into loadable libraries
> should work.

Hi Henry, and thank you for your answer. I'll give it a try.
If I'm not seeing bad in my mail headers, Greg Denton gave me an
answer about my second question, but never reached the list, because I
only see my email address in the headers. If it's the case, please let
me know and I will post his message here (if he allows me to do that)
'cause is intresting what he said.

For what I see in your email address I think you're involved in the
project and I'd like to know what's your opinion/tip/advice about my
second concern (stylesheets)

Thanx a lot in advance again.

Leonardo Mateo.
There's no place like ~

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