[Laszlo-user] big grid visualization problem

Marc Bachstein bachstein at visus-tt.com
Mon Jun 16 00:14:07 PDT 2008


in my application I have a grid which becomes generated dynamically. All its
gridcolumns, the captions and the content of the gridcolumns are created at
runtime. The grid also contains a scrollwheel functionality.

The grid contains 10 columns and 20 rows of content. So I cannot say that
the dataset is too large.

Now one problem is that the grid becomes filled really, really slowly,
although the computer should be fast enough and the content, as I already
said, is not so large. You can almost watch each row becoming filled. When I
scroll through the dataset the grid content is jerking a lot before
everything is displayed.

But this is not the crucial point. Worse is that in some rows the content of
every column is displayed in the first column. You can see this effect in
the screenshot in the appendix.
When you scroll in the grid, so that this row disappears, and scroll back
again, this row is suddenly displayed correctly, but some other rows might
now have this weird look.

So, this effect is not bound to special rows.

I suppose that the problem might be that in laszlo dynamically generated
columns sometimes become filled with content BEFORE the columns are
generated. So, every content is filled in one column.

I generate the gridcolumns like this:


<class name="myGridColumn" extends="gridcolumn" ...>

    <grid id="myGrid"...>
        <method name="initMyGrid">
             for (...) {
                 var columnobj = new
    <method .....>


I am using DHTML-runtime. The problem occurs in firefox and IE 7.

What can I do? I would be really pleased if someone could help me.

Kind Regards,
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