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I have dipped my toe into using Openlaszlo and have no experience with Flex. I have been experimenting with working with the SOAP interface in OpenLaszlo to talk to a simple web service.   I have found that the SOAP handling is not very robust.  I created a simple web service with Axis2 and I was unable to get Openlaszlo to work with it (it was having problems parsing the return data).

Can anyone comment on whether Flex is more robust with web services?


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Hi all,

I've been using laszlo for quite some years now and I like it a lot. Nowadays, I'm moving to Flex, having done some more complex work.
In terms of developing complex application with a high level of behavior or algorithm complexity, flex/Actionscript is the winner for sure.

ActionScript is a powerful language with a rated good performance. Laszlo scripting is too modest and slow.
In Flex, you have architect frameworks like cairngorm (http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/cairngorm_pt1.html) that make easy the development of big applications.
You also have libs like 2d physics engines, papervision (3d engine) that can enable you to do things like cover flows (http://blog.nelsonsilva.eu/2008/02/27/flex-flickrflow/) or even 3d Games.

As for the components, that shouldn't be a problem in any of the two.

Then, why bother with Laszlo ?
Well, laszlo is great regrading the development of mainly UI rich application with server connection in an easy and simple way. The documentation is quite nice and it has some details that make it a good developing tool (like the debug feature).

But the big thing of laszlo for me is really the philosophy behind it. It is supposed to be markup language for RIA that could then be presented in several media, like flash, dhtml, svg (who knows silverlight or javafx.. or android in the future) and they are taking the first steps in that direction.
If they make it, it's great, cause you do some code and can run it in several runtime libs and now being stuck to flash or something else.

But, if you don't mind only using flash as the output and you need high performance from your application algorithms and models, you should give Flex/AS a try.
You don't have to give exclusivity to any of the two!.. :) just use them in the best they can give you.

Hope any of this helps..

On Thu, Feb 28, 2008 at 6:23 PM, Rich Christiansen <rich at byu.net<mailto:rich at byu.net>> wrote:
Very interesting insights, Anze!  Thanks so much.  Does anyone else have some experience with Flex/Actionscript that could add their thoughts as well?


Anze Cesar wrote:
What I found great about OpenLaszlo is, how well it strikes a balance between RIA and non-conventional needs. For instance, it has all the
UI components you need in a typical RIA and yet it doesn't limit you like Flex does. Note that I'm not saying Flex indeed limits you, since I've
only spent a very short amount of time using it. I tried to replicate what I made in OL in Flex, but I quickly went to pure Actionscript. Now I have
a problem with actionscript's lack of UI components.

The only real weakness of OL is beeing one step behind flash. I hope swf9 runtime comes out soon :).
On 2/25/08, Rich Christiansen <rich at byu.net<mailto:rich at byu.net>> wrote:
Thanks for the response, Anze!  I haven't done any Flex coding either - every time I look into it, it looks nice, but so pricey to really take advantage of all of the features.  Is there anything that you like better about Flex as compared to OL?


P.S. I'd like to forward your response to the list if you don't mind

Oh, I havent realised it was sent to you in private. The lists I usually use operate differently :).

Anze Cesar wrote:

I started straight with OpenLaszlo, like you, but I have since been "forced" to switch to flex. I must say I like OpenLaszlo much better, despite many flex libraries that are available.
I had a lot of problems adapting to flex and am so sticking with OpenLaszlo for all my off the record projects :). I must also confess I don't really like flash, so DHTML runtime is a
major advantage :).
On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 8:10 PM, Rich Christiansen <rich at byu.net<mailto:rich at byu.net>> wrote:
Hey all,

I have a confession to make.  I've never coded in straight Actionscript.  I jumped right on the OpenLaszlo bandwagon when it came along, and I haven't looked back.  Some of the reports I hear about Actionscript coding make me cringe, and rejoice that I do my development in LZX and OpenLaszlo.

However, I do wonder what the advantages are to coding in Actionscript with straight up Flash.  Does anyone here have experience with both that could shed some light?  I'd be interested in hearing about performance considerations, ease of development, language quirkiness, learning curve, limitations, etc.

Thanks! :)



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