[Laszlo-user] UTF-8 character range

Elliot Winard ewinard at laszlosystems.com
Wed Oct 24 14:59:41 PDT 2007

I'm working on a bug where non-printable characters (specifically the 
BEL character) sent by our Laszlo app are causing the server to choke.

I'd like to restrict the character input to printable characters.  Right 
now I'm using the pattern "[&$32;-Ɛ]*" on inputtext fields but I 
think this will disallow some non-western text.
Is there a better range to include in the pattern that will work for all 
printable UTF-8 characters?

I'm just interested how to catch this in the LZX world.  I know that the 
behavior of the app will depend on character ranges the back-end 


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