[Laszlo-user] Loading Screen for Dynamic Resources

Rich Christiansen warproof at warproof.com
Fri Oct 19 07:51:07 PDT 2007

Hello, everyone!

I've got an easy 'softball' question for someone out there to show their 
Laszlo prowess.

Here's the scenario:

I have an app that reads a relatively large dataset containing the URLs 
of a variety of resources - images, MP3s, and FLVs.  All of these 
resources are dynamically included in the application via the 'resource' 
parameter of views in the app.  (That is to say that I'm dynamically 
instantiating one view for each of the resources specified in the 
dataset)  I'm loading quite a few resources, so it can take some time to 
load them, especially on a slower connection.  I'd like to display a 
'Loading' screen until all of the resources have been loaded.  How can 
this be done?

*Bonus points: If the resources take too long to load, I'd like to 
display the app (hide the 'Loading' screen) after a set timeout - say, 
15 seconds.  How could I do this as well?

I know of the splash tag and how it is used to "[control] the 
presentation while the application is loading".  However, I haven't been 
able to find any documentation regarding the precise meaning of 
'loading' in the previous definition.

Thanks so much in advance! :)

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