[Laszlo-user] OpenLaszlo 4.0.6 Released

Amy Muntz amuntz at laszlosystems.com
Mon Oct 15 18:31:49 PDT 2007

OpenLaszlo 4.0.6 is a bugfix release with a few changes since OpenLaszlo 
4.0.5 and is the recommended 4.X release for swf development. You can 
download it at http://www.openlaszlo.org/download.

OpenLaszlo 4.0.6 fixed the following bugs:
LPP-4175 - DHTML calendar demo wigs out on opening Event Info
LPP-4731 - reloading browser page causes history to trigger "back" 
LPP-4746 - Javascript errors when using the history mechanism in swf7
LPP-4778 - "LzView#setX(..)" and "LzView#setY(..)" optimization breaks 
xoffset / yoffset
LPP-4779 - Put under debug flag - version info and init timer from LZPIX
LPP-4857 - dojo.flash.comm errors on firefox os x
LPP-4615 - Override resource declarations
LPP-4793 - Using clonenumber emits warning when using replicator

In general, OpenLaszlo 4.0.6 begins a new strategy, where we intend to 
offer point releases more frequently to address specific bug fixes. By 
looking at JIRA, you will see that many bugs are fixed in trunk (4.x), 
our active development branch. However, we understand that many people 
aren't comfortable moving to the latest, less stable development branch, 
so we are going to spin more frequent releases from the 4.0.x branch to 
provide qualified releases of significant bug fixes more quickly to the 
community. The next point release is named "Cranberry" and you can view 
the bug fixes currently scheduled for it on the OpenLaszlo Roadmap in 
JIRA (http://www.openlaszlo.org/jira/browse/lpp). You can preview the 
Cranberry release by downloading of the 4.0.x nightly builds.

Support for DHTML applications remains at "beta" level; it will be fully 
supported with OL 4.1. Until then, you can find the most recent DHTML 
bug fixes and support in the trunk branch (4.x nightly builds).

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