[Laszlo-user] edittext and password fields

Henry Minsky henry.minsky at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 15:43:30 PDT 2007

If you look in the edittext component, it says the internal text field
is  using a 'once'
constraint to look at the parent.password


        <_internalinputtext name="field"

So the internal field is not looking at the parent.password value more
than once at init time.
That could be changed to an 'always' constraint, I imagine that would
work better.

On 10/10/07, James Robey <jrobey at laszlosystems.com> wrote:
> Hi all, I think i may have found a bug in the edittext component, but i
> thought someone might show this to be correct behavior in a way I don't yet
> see. The issue is setting password="true" on an <edittext/> component. It
> doesn't seem like the password attribute can be constrained. This example
> might also reveal a bug with $immediately{} constraints wherein "classroot"
> and "parent" don't exist when the constraint is evaluated.
> Anyone have advice on how to make this work?
> Test case: none of these fields (save the last hardcoded editext) has
> password styling.
>  <canvas proxied="false" debug="true">
>     <debug/>
>     <class name="pwtest">
>         <attribute name="passwordB" type="boolean" value="true"/>
>         <attribute name="passwordS" type="string" value="true"/>
>         <attribute name="passwordE" type="expression" value="true"/>
>         <simplelayout axis="y"/>
>         <edittext password="${classroot.passwordB}"/>
>         <edittext password="${classroot.passwordS}"/>
>         <edittext password="${classroot.passwordE}"/>
>         <edittext password="$immediately{classroot.passwordB}"/>
>         <edittext password="$immediately{classroot.passwordS}"/>
>         <edittext password="$immediately{classroot.passwordE}"/>
>         <edittext password="$once{classroot.passwordB}"/>
>         <edittext password="$once{classroot.passwordS}"/>
>         <edittext password="$once{classroot.passwordE}"/>
>         <edittext password="true"/>
>     </class>
>     <pwtest/>
> </canvas>

Henry Minsky
Software Architect
hminsky at laszlosystems.com

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