[Laszlo-user] DENG issues in openlaszlo

Matt Hubbard matt_hubbard at okcareertech.org
Fri Mar 31 08:24:12 EST 2006

Hello - 

I am attempting to work with the DENG modular browser in openlaszlo.  I
have the working code from the DENG developer that implements DENG
inside openlaszlo:

//////////////////// Code snippet
<view id="control" width="600" height="100">
<button text="Load Doc"
onclick="deng_view.loadDoc(canvas.contentURL.toString());" />

<view id="deng_view" width="600" height="560" resource="denglaszlo.swf"
      <method name="loadDoc" args="uri" >
         var deng = deng_view.getMCRef().deng;
         var res = canvas.gateway.toString() + '?guid=';

My problem is that I want to cause the external document to load into
DENG automatically (without the user clicking the "load doc" button).  I
have tried it this way:

<view id="deng_view" width="600" height="560" resource="denglaszlo.swf"

But the debugger says:  reference to undefined property 'deng'

How can I cause the loadDoc method to run immediately without user

Matt Hubbard

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