[Laszlo-user] xml encoding problom

jake yang yang_dx at 163.com
Wed Mar 29 00:21:25 EST 2006

My lps app is running in proxied mode of the latest 3.2 release.

The small test is attached, and it shows doing request to four kinds of
Chinese econding xml, including utf-8, GB2312, gb2312 and GBK.

Only the first utf-8 request goes well others will meet other timeout or

Thanks for your help


Jake Yang


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Are you running the lps client app in SOLO or proxied mode? 

Can you send me a very small test application which points to one of these
data sources, and throws the error you are seeing? 

Are you using the latest 3.2 release? 


On 3/28/06, jake yang <yang_dx at 163.com> wrote:


         I recently met a problem about the Chinese xml encoding type. I am
developing a kind of RSS Reader lps app. In China, our RSS data source
published by websites have various encoding type, such as UTF-8, GB2312,
gb2312, GBK, etc. but lps can only read the UTF-8 source properly, when
reading others will show the "data convention error". I am not sure if this
kind of Chinese problem should be dealt with by Laszlo people, or I should
solve it myself. 

         This is a really serious issue for our project, and I hope some
experienced engineer give me some clue. Thanks!


Jake Yang

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