[Laszlo-user] accessing datasets within classes

Raju Bitter rajubitter at web.de
Mon Mar 27 12:02:11 EST 2006

 Try "local:listName:/records/name". It's hidden in the documentation
somewhere I guess.


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Betreff: [Laszlo-user] accessing datasets within classes

How do I reference a dataset from the canvas when it's called from an
external class?

Here's a very simplified test case, running solo under OL3.2

The datatest.lzx class:

  <class name = "datatest" extends = "node" />
      <dataset name = "listNames" request = "true" type = "http" src =
"/names/records/" />

And the simplified canvas:

  <include href = "../datatest.lzx" />
  <datatest />
     <datapath xpath = "listNames:/records/name" />
     <text datapath = "@firstname" />

The debugger returns "could not find dataset for listNames." 
What do I need to change for the dataset to be visible to the canvas?

Many thanks

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