[Laszlo-user] Namespaces in LZX

graphis1@mac.com graphis1 at mac.com
Sat Mar 25 18:42:16 EST 2006

> We're considering adding something like namespace support to LZX in
> the form of _Modules_.  Why are we doing this?  <snip>... it  
> permits the
> possibility of co-existing LZX apps.
> Your comments are solicited.

Co-existing apps would be a big plus. Could this also circumnavigate  
the problem with importing one compiled Laszlo swf into another?  
Presumably it could work like this:

1) Compile a container swf using the lz module
2) Compile a separate swf to be imported, omitting the lz module and  
giving the canvas a unique name
3) Import swf (2) into swf (1) as a resource.

Omitting the lz module in step two could be achieved by setting a  
certain attribute on it's canvas to false.

Would this be feasible under the proposed alterations, or am I on the  
wrong track here?

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