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On 23 Mar 2006 at 14:50, jake yang wrote:

> Hi
>          I saw there is a rich text editor in laszlomail, but it is
> not powerful enough to parse the html code. So laszlomail needs an
> embedded iframe to show the email body, and it works pretty well. But
> when user wants to reply or forward a mail which is HTML format, we
> can see that, the Rich text editor can not display the html content
> correctly. 
> I can feel that Laszlo developers are working hard on developing the
> rich text editor, which makes me imaging that maybe one day the Laszlo
> Rich text editor will has the ability to parse the whole web page. Is
> it possible? 
> Jake Yang

This early experiment with DENG project shows that XHTML (note: fully validated 
XHTML, not HTML) can be parsed and rendered inside openlaszlo canvas, to CSS 
stylesheets; plus XForms and SVG :-


Also the XHTML can be built "on the fly" from internal openlaszlo datasets.

However there are restrictions ..

(a) current DENG (deng.swf) is written in Actionscript 1.0 and at some point will need 
to be migrated to Actionscript 2.0 and 3.0 (see DENG roadmap).

(b) no way yet found for passing events from DENG back to openlaszlo.canvas so 
interactivity is difficult.

Nevertheless, it is an interesting early exercise and shows that a rich text rendering 
engine could be built to be embedded in openlaszlo canvas.

For interactive XHTML I guess the embedded iframe approach is still easiest to build.

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