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luca.rasconi@alice.it luca.rasconi at alice.it
Thu Mar 23 04:18:06 EST 2006

thank you very much for the answer. 
i will try it now.


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Hi Luca,

The approach you've outlined would work, but it's perhaps a little 
heavyweight.  So far, the only complete implementation is part of the 
Laszlo on Rails project:

The implementation is based on this spec:

If you download the plugin, it has a complete client-side data 
controller that watches for changes to a dataset and automatically sends 
create/read/update/delete commands to the server to keep the server-side 
data model in sync.

The client-side data model code is free for the taking and will work 
with any back end.

Let me know if you need more details!

Max Carlson

luca.rasconi at alice.it wrote:
> I don't want you lose time answering to my newbye question so i try to 
> be as general and clear as possible.
> i need help to understand how i can connect dataset to a database so 
> that changes to dataset reflect on database.
> Getting info from database:
> <-------------------------SERVER SIDE --------------------------><CS>
>                               |
>                               | (create)
>                               |
>                         XML FILE ---------------------------------------> UI
> Modifing and making persistent data:
>        (onclick)
> UI--------------->Modifing DATASET
>                                      |                           (post to)
>                           XML FILE 
> (modified)-------------------------->SERVLET------>DATABASE
> I'm sure this way is a bit twisted, infact i hope somebody can drive me 
> to a more smart solution (if there is).
> tnx in advance
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