[Laszlo-user] OpenLaszlo & asx radio streams

info@the-smartdoccer.com info at the-smartdoccer.com
Wed Mar 22 12:01:52 EST 2006


I am playing around with openlaszlo for  a while and everything works 
fine. This brought me to a new idea: a flash snippet to listen to my 
favorite radio station.
It provides an "asx" live stream. My idea: Take javascript, establish 
the windows media player as a com object, and, provide a user interface 
with openlaszlo.

But, bad.... The statement "var wmp = 
COM.createObject("WMPLayer.OCX.7");" already causes the compiler to give 
up. What is wrong with this help.

Any help is very much appreciated.


Stefan Krusche

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