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Fri Mar 17 16:10:35 EST 2006

On 17 Mar 2006 at 15:43, James Howe wrote:

> I just read this thread, very cool!  I downloaded the deng_example.zip  
> file and played around with it and managed to get the sample file to  
> display, but I was unable to access the API functions in the manner  
> described in the thread (e.g.  
> "deng_view.getMCRef().dengcontainer_mc.deng_mc.setSize(100,100)")  Is  
> there some other subtle change that needs to be made to the example code  
> to make this work (I already removed the 'http' string)

This is is very early stages of hacking .. the author of Deng points out 
that he has created test.swf as a wrapper for the main rendering 
engine deng.swf which is well tested.

So the ideal scenario would be to eventually dispense with test.swf as 
a resource, build the dengcontainer_mc in openlaszlo code (using the 
actionscript functions in test.as), with methods accessing the methods 
in deng.swf.

Here below is a very rough updated lzx code .. the view width changes 
dynamically but not (yet) the height or document uri.  So test.swf has 
to be hacked (test.as is the zip).

<canvas width="600" height="600" proxied="false" debug="true">
<view id="control" x="0" y="0" >
<button x="0" y="0" text="100x100" 
100, 100);"/>
<button x="100" y="0" text="400x400" 
400, 400);"/>
<button x="0" y="50" text="sample" 
<button x="100" y="50" text="sample2" 

<view id="deng_view" x="100" y="100" width="400" height="400" 
resource="test.swf" >

<method event="oninit">


I will update the zip when I get the calls to work.  But setDocumentUri 
has to be made to work (passing document uri as argument).

DENG is quite a useful component since it opens up many 
opportunities within openlaszlo canvas.  My interest is Xforms and 
SVG rendering.


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