[Laszlo-user] Form Posting With Empty Response

Ron Lancaster doc at firelord.net
Fri Mar 10 22:20:26 EST 2006

Hi All,

I have a solo app that is posting form data to a servlet. The servlet  
is responding with status code of 200 and content length of zero. The  
Debug window is displaying "LzLoadQueue.serverlessOnDataHandler load  
failed from URL <snip>".

I'm looking for an ondata event to fire even if the response content  
length is zero. The code from LZLoadQueue.as...
	if (src == undefined) {
         	_root.Debug.write("LzLoadQueue.serverlessOnDataHandler load  
failed from URL '",this.url, "', no data received.");
         	_root.Debug.write("Failure to load data in serverless apps  
may be caused by Flash player security policies.
		Check your data server crossdomain.xml file");

...indicates that the response is being checked but not response  
headers (presumably because the Flash player doesn't expose them).

My use case is to call a servlet to perform work, then call a  
different servlet when that work is complete (to refresh the data  
onscreen). Any suggestions on how best to work around the above  
behavior (besides the obvious of returning some sort of XML response.

Ron Lancaster

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