[Laszlo-user] Is LPS escaping characters in certain circumstances?

Henry Minsky henry.minsky at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 12:38:59 EST 2006

If you can package up a small test case which is repeatable, that would help
a lot.

Also, say which version of LPS server you are using, and if the app is
running proxied or SOLO.


On 3/8/06, James Howe <openlaszlo at wingspread.imap-mail.com> wrote:
> I've run into a strange problem with my application and I'm not sure it
> the problem lies with Laszlo or somewhere else.  My situation is this, in
> my (proxied) Laszlo application I display a list of information which can
> be edited by the user.  When saved, I make a 'POST' request to my web
> application, sending XML.  Mostly this works just fine.  My app gets the
> XML, parses it and goes about it's business.  However, in certain
> circumstances, the XML received by my web app appears to be URL encoded.
> All '<', '>', spaces, etc. are replaced by hex equivalents.  So, instead
> of seeing something like this:
> <foo><bar>Some Stuff</bar></foo>
> the application sees
> %3Cfoo%3E%3Cbar%3ESome%20Stuff%3C%2Fbar%3E%3C%2Ffoo%3E
> As far as I can tell, the difference between the two occurs based on the
> URL to which the data is being posted.  I get regular looking XML if I
> post to a URL which looks like this:
> http://foo.bar.com/app/blah/boo
> However if the URL looks like this:
> http://foo.bar.com/app/blah\blah/boo
> The content of the post is escaped.
> The reason this is an issue for me is that my URL (by design) contains a
> user id as part of the URL.  Most of my users will have a Windows id which
> consists of a domain and userid, and is typically entered as
> 'domain\userid'.  Obviously the URL needs to be URL encoded so that the
> '\' gets escaped to %5C, but that shouldn't mean that the content of the
> POST gets converted.  My question is, who is doing the encoding?  I know
> that when I perform my 'doRequest', the XML is not escaped in any way, so
> somewhere between the time I do the doRequest and the time the posted data
> reaches my application, the data does get escaped.  As I mentioned
> earlier, I'm using a proxied Laszlo application.
> Can any body shed some light on this?
> Thanks!
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> James Howe
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