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Subject: [Laszlo-user] Coming Soon: OpenLaszlo to Support DHTML
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penLaszlo is pleased to announce that DHTML is coming soon as an
alternative runtime. Now you can decide whether to deploy your
OpenLaszlo application using Flash or DHTML.

Check out the new http://www.openlaszlo.org web site, where you'll
find the OpenLaszlo LZpiX application that demonstrates this exciting
new direction.

These pages may also be of interest:
http://www.openlaszlo.org/advancedajax: OpenLaszlo, The Advanced Ajax
Application Platform page
http://wiki.openlaszlo.org/Legals_Project_Plan: The Project Plan for
supporting DHTML (very detailed)

We are very excited about the future direction of OpenLaszlo and our
commitment to support both Flash and DHTML as target runtimes. This is
a great opportunity to get involved and help shape the future of the
OpenLaszlo platform.

And, for those of you who haven't seen it yet, the full text of the
press release is below.

Best Regards,
Amy Muntz
OpenLaszlo Project Manager
amuntz at openlaszlo.org

Laszlo Systems Announces Plans to Extend OpenLaszlo Platform to
Support Delivery of Web 2.0 Applications in Browsers Without Flash™

- Advanced Ajax Application Development Company to Demonstrate New
Native Browser Support at O'Reilly ETech Event -

ETech 2006, SAN DIEGO, Calif. (March 7, 2006) - At the O'Reilly
Emerging Technology Conference, Laszlo Systems today announced the
planned extension of its advanced Ajax application development
platform, OpenLaszlo, to support the delivery of applications in
browsers with or without a Flash plug-in. By the end of this year,
developers using OpenLaszlo will have the option to deploy their
applications using either Flash or Dynamic HTML (DHTML), an
open-standard technology built into most Web browsers. Laszlo
executives will preview the company's DHTML deployment capabilities at
the conference with a live demonstration, which is also accessible on
the open source community site, www.openlaszlo.org.

Today's announcement reinforces Laszlo's commitment to the Open Ajax
community, which it established last month along with IBM, Oracle,
BEA, RedHat, Yahoo!, Google and others. The extension of OpenLaszlo,
already open source, to support not only Flash but also DHTML will
give developers the option to deploy applications using a fully open
software stack. This natural evolution capitalizes on the architecture
of OpenLaszlo, designed from its inception to be able to support
multiple client runtimes across computers and consumer devices.

"OpenLaszlo has always been independent of Flash from a developer's
perspective," said David Temkin, founder and chief technology officer,
Laszlo Systems. "The use of Flash to run OpenLaszlo applications was a
pragmatic choice when we started Laszlo in 2000 because it was the
only ubiquitous and consistent runtime option at that time. But since
then, DHTML has evolved as an open standard and is now a viable
alternative to Flash to run many OpenLaszlo applications."

Steve Ciesinski, chairman and chief executive officer of Laszlo
Systems, added, "Our vision from the start was to enable compelling
applications across different runtimes and consumer devices, including
mobile phones and TV set-tops, and our plans to support DHTML are
consistent with that vision."

Now in version 3.1, the OpenLaszlo platform uses Asynchronous
JavaScript and XML (Ajax) in a highly evolved mark-up language,
enabling development of Web-based applications that are as rich and
robust as traditional client-based software programs. In contrast to
more recent "Ajax toolkits," OpenLaszlo offers a sophisticated
framework and a comprehensive set of components that are abstracted
from client runtime software, thereby dramatically reducing the cost
and complexity of application development. OpenLaszlo has already been
adopted across various market sectors, including enterprise, consumer,
government and education, and has over 125,000 downloads to date.

Laszlo Systems' partners, IBM and Roundarch, commented on the
importance of the OpenLaszlo native browser support news:

"Laszlo has always been an innovator in the rich Internet application
development experience, which makes them a great community partner for
Eclipse Foundation framework as well as with the Open Ajax technology
collaboration," said David Boloker, chief technology officer of
Emerging Internet Technologies, IBM Software Group. "We welcome this
announcement as it gives users of the OpenLaszlo platform the choice
of deploying their applications on DHTML or Flash."

"The advent of the term Ajax has drawn attention to the unstoppable
transformation of the Web into an on-demand application delivery
environment, where rich user experiences are now accessible by simply
entering a URL into any browser," said Charles Fiesel, director at
Roundarch, and recognized Ajax evangelist. "The extension of Laszlo's
powerful and mature Web application platform to support DHTML is a
welcome development for the Ajax community."

Online Information and Demonstration

To learn more about OpenLaszlo and to see a live demonstration of a
sample OpenLaszlo application being run on both Flash and DHTML,
please visit www.openlaszlo.org. Training and support for OpenLaszlo,
including tutorials on Laszlo's dynamic language, LZX, is available at

About Laszlo Systems
Laszlo Systems is the original developer of OpenLaszlo, the leading
open source platform for building and deploying Web 2.0 applications.
OpenLaszlo technology has been widely adopted by application and
service providers in the consumer, enterprise, education and
government markets. Laszlo Systems provides updates, training and
support for OpenLaszlo and offers rich-experience web-based digital
life applications such as Laszlo Mail, built on OpenLaszlo. For more
information about San Mateo, Calif.-based Laszlo Systems, visit
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