[Laszlo-user] relative path in dynamic dataset

ankit rastogi ankit.r at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 21:40:22 EST 2006

I am not sure the question may sound silly but it has huge implications for

I have a webapp with laszlo the laszlo file are under

Contextroot -- resources/lzx/common/rolelib.lzx

and my dataset in welcome.lzx points to servlet at runtime which is located

Contextroot - WEB-INF/classes

Here is the coede through which I currently access this servlet.
This has hardcoded URL and I want to give relative stuff.

<dataset name="currentroleds" src="
http://localhost:8080/gui/FetchRoleServlet" request="true"/>
<datapointer name="currentroledp" xpath="currentroleds:/*"/>

when I try something like http://../../../FetchRoleServlet
The debugger gives error that

please rescue.

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