[Laszlo-user] performance tuning http dataset

Don Dwoske don at loraxis.com
Fri Mar 3 14:02:50 EST 2006

I'm seeing a delay and I can't figure out what's happening.

My laszlo client is requesting a smallish XML dataset from a tomcat
server.. as I watch the tomcat logs, the response is generated and
returned very quickly, but from the time it's sent to when Laszlo
calls my dataset ondata event, nearly a half second has passed.

What's happening during this time period?

I'm assuming that the XML data is being parsed, but could that really
be taking so long?  The XML dataset is basically a list of 96 items,
and it's basically flat.. in some of the branches the depth goes to
about three, but that's it... it's nothing huge.

Any ideas about how to track this down?

(I'm posting to dev as well, as this could be relevant, I guess)


Donald Dwoske
Software Journeyman

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