[Laszlo-user] splash tag & forcing the whole app to load

P T Withington ptw at openlaszlo.org
Thu Apr 27 17:28:07 EDT 2006

The Flash player will defer animation updates in favor of loading.   
You can prove this to yourself by loading your app through a  
bandwidth restricter (e.g., a modem).  When your app is local and  
loading 'infinitely fast', the player spends it's time doing useful  
work, rather than spinning animations.

As annoying as this may be, it's going to get your app loaded faster.

Personally I think this is the right choice.  True it is the opposite  
of the Windows model which gives priority to the flapping folder, or  
the IE model which advances the progress bar whether any data is  
actually being transferred or not, but there's nothing you can do  
about it, unless you want to artificially throttle your servers.

Similarly, the player will defer animations when there is computation  
happening.  If your app is a huge app that initializes all at once,  
this will cause any spinners to not get updated.  You can look at the  
'initstage' feature to address this issue.  By deferring bits of your  
app that are not needed immediately, you will both get to your first  
screen faster and possibly free up some cpu cycles to animate your  

On 2006-04-19, at 17:29 EDT, William Krick wrote:

> How do I make sure that our entire app is loaded before the splash  
> screen
> goes away?
> The splash appears for a split second, then disappears, then the  
> screen is
> blank for several seconds while the app finishes loading.
> If I add "persistent='true'" to the splash tag, it doesn't go away.
> However, our animated "please wait" text grinds to a halt while the  
> app is
> loading.
> The initial startup of the OpenLaszlo Explorer is the best example  
> I can
> find of how I think it should work.  Unfortunately, I am unable to  
> make the
> mental leap to figuring out what we are doing wrong.
> I've even tried to use the "loading.swf" file from the OpenLaszlo  
> Explorer
> example as our splash and the animation grinds to a halt there too  
> so I
> don't think there's a problem with the swf file we're using.
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