[Laszlo-user] http request process indicator

Dan Stowell dstowell at laszlosystems.com
Thu Apr 27 11:12:28 EDT 2006

>   Can you help me with advice how it is better to indicate for the 
> user that
>   http request is in process in Laszlo? (I am submitting form and want 
> user to   know that something is happening)

We don't have a "best practice" for how to inform the user that a 
request is processing. If controls _must_ be disabled (to prevent state 
changes while the request is on the wire), then disable them. You can 
have all your controls' enabled attributes constrained to a flag that 
gets set when the request is made and when it is completed, as Henry 

In many applications, we also change the cursor icon to show that the 
application is busy.

Hope this helps,


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