[Laszlo-user] OpenLaszlo partnering with Dojo

Jim Grandy jgrandy at laszlosystems.com
Wed Apr 26 17:32:33 EDT 2006

On Apr 26, 2006, at 12:46 PM, DL wrote:

> Interesting.  From this first date? ..
> http://www.openlaszlo.org/pipermail/laszlo-dev/2005-February/ 
> 000702.html
The proximate conversation actually happened at ETech in early March  
of this year. I think we had all forgotten about this thread!
> I hope that this leads to SVG support in the merged platform.

"merged platform" -- that's not quite what we're announcing. We using  
libraries from Dojo to help implement the DHTML runtime for  
OpenLaszlo. The Dojo libraries we will be using are quite low-level  
-- we're not using the widgets, for example, or the animators or  
effects. And Dojo won't be getting high-level libraries from  
OpenLaszlo -- just code that would go into our DHTML runtime anyway.

That said, we are certainly interested in SVG, and tracking  
developments like Safari's native SVG rendering support (http:// 
webkit.opendarwin.org/projects/svg/index.html). If anyone would like  
to get involved, the time is soon arriving when we'll have the  
infrastructure in place such that you could start working on SVG  
support in OpenLaszlo yourself.


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