[Laszlo-user] how to give documentation feedback

John Sundman jsundman at laszlosystems.com
Thu Apr 20 18:13:25 EDT 2006

The best way to make sure that feedback on a particular documentation  
problem doesn't get lost is to file a JIRA bug:


If you prefer, you can leave a comment in the user "Documentation  
Feedback" forum -- but that usually means that I'll have to create a  
JIRA task myself in order to capture it (of course, you can do both,  
that way others get the benefit of your discovery until such time as  
it's been fixed.)


The forum is appropriate also for general comments such as you search  
strategy, etc, as mentioned below.  That might generate some  
interesting discussion.



On Apr 11, 2006, at 8:49 PM, Robin Sheat wrote:

> If you're interested, I can try to keep note of things I'm looking for,
> where I look, and where I find them. Given I've got my head around some
> parts of Laszlo, but haven't looked at others at all yet, I expect that
> I'll be looking things up fairly regularly for a while yet.

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