[Laszlo-user] Further form strangeness

Matt Hubbard matt_hubbard at okcareertech.org
Wed Apr 19 11:35:42 EDT 2006

The following example always posts the value of the first radiobutton
whether you select it or not.  Am I missing something?

<canvas width="500" height="500">
<dataset name="assessDS"
src="http://localhost/php/resolve.php?action=assess" />

<submit name="submitter" data="${canvas.assessDS}"/>
<radiogroup name="grp">
<radiobutton value="1">Choice 1</radiobutton>
<radiobutton value="2">Choice 2</radiobutton>
<radiobutton value="3">Choice 3</radiobutton>
<button onclick="${parent.submitter.submit()}">Submit</button>

Matt Hubbard

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