[Laszlo-user] One question about Validators

Luca Ritossa luca.ritossa at ciberman.net
Wed Apr 19 10:55:23 EDT 2006

Hi Togawa,
regarding your example validatorText.lzx, the button OK is enabled even 
if there are mandatory fields not filled.

If, for example, you do:
1. start validatorText.lzx
2. you can observe that button OK is enabled...
3. click on the first edit field "name" and just type something with 
more than 5 chars... the field is checked ok...
4. but if you observe, button OK is enabled even if the next field 
"address" is mandatory and is not filled...

How can I correct this?
I think attribute "errorcount" must be initiated with the same number of 
mandatory field... what do you think?

Luca Ritossa

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