[Laszlo-user] IDEforLaszlo 0.2.0 to Support OpenLaszlo 3.2 Released

Frisco Del Rosario frisco at laszlosystems.com
Tue Apr 11 14:51:01 EDT 2006

dpool at inspiration.com wrote:

 > I am very excited about having an updated version of the IDE.

So am I. Sometimes I think IDE4Laszlo is the coolest thing I work with.

 > But the new version is too slow to use on my Macintosh. The  
previous version was
fast enough. I am running the 1.4 JRE and corresponding IDE. Should I
upgrade? Is there anything I can turn off that is being used for
predictive typing or dynamic error checking? Otherwise I have to go back
to the PC and I had just finished getting my Mac set up to be my primary
development machine.

I get the sense from that graph that you are quite recently switching  
your development environment to Eclipse on the Macintosh?  
Unfortunately, you will find that Eclipse is much less happy on  
Macintosh than elsewhere -- we documented that IDE4Laszlo will not  
perform as well on Macintosh, but these are probably Eclipse issues,  
and not IDE4Laszlo issues.

Frisco Del Rosario
Tester, OpenLaszlo and IDE4Laszlo

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