[Laszlo-user] IDEforLaszlo 0.2.0 to Support OpenLaszlo 3.2 Released

Daniel dpool at inspiration.com
Tue Apr 11 13:20:34 EDT 2006

Answering my own question.

In the preferences for editors turn off "Report problems as you type", 
"Inform when unsupported content type is in editor", and all in "Hovers".

To get to these settings:
Menubar -> Eclipse -> Preferences.

 From tree on left select:
General -> Editors -> Structured Text Editors.

Use tabs to switch between "Appearance" and "Hovers".

Now I get less features but that is OK with me.


Daniel wrote:
> I am very excited about having an updated version of the IDE. But the 
> new version is too slow to use on my Macintosh. The previous version was 
> fast enough. I am running the 1.4 JRE and corresponding IDE. Should I 
> upgrade? Is there anything I can turn off that is being used for 
> predictive typing or dynamic error checking? Otherwise I have to go back 
> to the PC and I had just finished getting my Mac set up to be my primary 
> development machine.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Daniel.
>> We are pleased to announce that a new version of IDEforLaszlo is  
>> available. This version, 0.2.0, supports OpenLaszlo 3.2 and has  
>> compiler performance improvements (of up to 3x) on subsequent  
>> compiles. In addition, the build process has been significantly  
>> streamlined and more bugs have been fixed thanks in part to the  
>> contributions of Andy Chandler, Phil Berkland, and Max Carlson. We  
>> are also appreciative of the testing and verification performed by  
>> Frisco Del Rosario.
>> The installation instructions can be found here: http:// 
>> www.eclipse.org/laszlo/release/0.2.0/ . We strongly recommend that  
>> you use the "all in one" installation, if possible.
>> And, it is easier than ever to get involved in the IDEforLaszlo  
>> project. Download the sources and fix your favorite bug! The list of  
>> current open bugs is here: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/ . Simply  
>> enter "laszlo" as in Quick Search field.
>> We look forward to hearing from you!

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