[Laszlo-user] IDEforLaszlo 0.2.0 to Support OpenLaszlo 3.2 Released

Daniel dpool at inspiration.com
Tue Apr 11 12:36:06 EDT 2006

I am very excited about having an updated version of the IDE. But the 
new version is too slow to use on my Macintosh. The previous version was 
fast enough. I am running the 1.4 JRE and corresponding IDE. Should I 
upgrade? Is there anything I can turn off that is being used for 
predictive typing or dynamic error checking? Otherwise I have to go back 
to the PC and I had just finished getting my Mac set up to be my primary 
development machine.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


> We are pleased to announce that a new version of IDEforLaszlo is  
> available. This version, 0.2.0, supports OpenLaszlo 3.2 and has  
> compiler performance improvements (of up to 3x) on subsequent  
> compiles. In addition, the build process has been significantly  
> streamlined and more bugs have been fixed thanks in part to the  
> contributions of Andy Chandler, Phil Berkland, and Max Carlson. We  
> are also appreciative of the testing and verification performed by  
> Frisco Del Rosario.
> The installation instructions can be found here: http:// 
> www.eclipse.org/laszlo/release/0.2.0/ . We strongly recommend that  
> you use the "all in one" installation, if possible.
> And, it is easier than ever to get involved in the IDEforLaszlo  
> project. Download the sources and fix your favorite bug! The list of  
> current open bugs is here: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/ . Simply  
> enter "laszlo" as in Quick Search field.
> We look forward to hearing from you!

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