[Laszlo-user] LzDataElement cloneNode question

James Howe openlaszlo at wingspread.imap-mail.com
Tue Apr 11 11:37:31 EDT 2006

In the documentation for the cloneNode method of LzDataElement, it talks  
of a 'deep' parameter, which according to the documentation:

"If true, the children of this node will be part of the new node"

So, does this mean that if I clone a particular data element, and the data  
element has children, the new node will have as it's children the same  
node objects as the original, or does it mean that the children of the  
original node will also be cloned?

In my application I want to have some 'template' XML which can be edited  
and changed.  I want to be able to 'refresh' the data back to the template  
version so I don't want any edits to mess up my template.


James Howe

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