[Laszlo-user] horizontal rule between components

John Sundman jsundman at laszlosystems.com
Tue Apr 11 09:46:19 EDT 2006

I've been paying attention to this thread.

The fine art of creating new classes in script is, in fact, not very 
well explained in Developer's Guide.  I have a JIRA task against this, 
and hope to get to it next month.

In the meantime I'm happy that people are finding the information they 
need through the limited documentaton that is available and with the 
help of the community.


On Apr 11, 2006, at 9:36 AM, Dan Stowell wrote:

>> (For the interested newbies like myself: classes have a constructor
>> that you
>> can use to specify the parent, and the attributes, so when I changed
>> my call to:
>> var v = new hrule(parent, {width: this.parent.width,
>> 	bgcolor: this.linecolor});
>> it was happy.)
> I should have read all your posts before replying to the first. John,
> our doc guy, will be happy that you found the answer to your question.
> Dan
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