[Laszlo-user] horizontal rule between components

Dan Stowell dstowell at laszlosystems.com
Mon Apr 10 14:36:09 EDT 2006

> Basically, when you add a component to this magical thing, it
> puts a pretty line (which will probably just be a 1px high view with a
> different colour) on the display also.

If you really only want a single-color line, you can use simplelayout:

<view bgcolor="black">
     <simplelayout axis="y" spacing="1"/>
    ... random views ...

The above example will show a black between all the views. Of course, if 
those views are themselves transparent, there'll be black all over the 

> My thought is to write a custom layout
> that does it, and do...something to stop it treating the views it adds 
> itself
> as anything other than something to be added/removed as needed. Any 
> thoughts?

That could get a bit messy, but is otherwise a great idea. Layouts are 
for coordinating visual state between different views - that's what 
you're trying to do here.

If you're replicating views using databinding, you could have each view 
display a line except for the last one:

<method args="d" event="ondata">
     if ( d.getOffset() == d.parentNode.childNodes.length - 1 ) {
         // don't show line
     } else {
         // show line

That last example probably isn't current with lps-3.2 recommended 
syntax, but will still work.


> Thanks, Robin.
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