[Laszlo-user] how to get character codes for key events?

Denis Bohm denis at fireflydesign.com
Fri Apr 7 16:19:54 EDT 2006

I'm implementing a terminal emulator and need to get the keyboard input 
and send it to the client application.  The terminal emulator is derived 
from view.  I'm trying to get the keyboard input using:

        <method event="onkeydown" reference="LzKeys" args="key">

It appears that the key code is that low level keyboard code.  For 
example pressing 'A' key on the keyboard with and without the caps lock 
on both produce the ASCII code 'A'.  How can I get 'a' when caps lock is 
off and 'A' when caps lock is on?  (Caps lock could be on before using 
the terminal editor.)

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