[Laszlo-user] Problem installing IDE

gian luca g.gaiba at performer.it
Fri Apr 7 08:32:19 EDT 2006

Hi list

I'm a newbie user from Italy...

I just now enjoy with the excellent Laszlo demos
so I'm trying to install all I need to start with...

I installed eclipse
and had a problem installing laszlo IDE:

in last version of eclipse
I miss org.eclipse.gef features
in 3.1 ver
i miss wst.core plugin...

I'm newbie in eclipse too
(i always used netbeans + xcode)...

Where I mistake?
Is there something that I have to do?
How can I install plugins in macosx version of eclipse?
it's about 6 hours I read doc and html on the web
but I still can't find any solution....

Help me please!!!

gian luca

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