[Laszlo-user] pre-compile?

P T Withington ptw at openlaszlo.org
Wed Apr 5 17:09:23 EDT 2006

When you 'bounce' tomcat, what exactly do you mean?  The Openlaszlo  
servlet definitely has a cache that should be preserved across tomcat  
stop/start.  The OL distribution is built using a script that wget's  
the 'standard' demos/examples, etc. to pre-fill the cache.  If you  
are only seeing a delay on the first fetch by any browser of your  
app, I suggest that you use a similar technique.  This is the  
simplest way to cause the compilation of a non-SOLO app.  The server  
will recompile your app if the source files for your app are newer  
than the cached compiled swf.

On 2006-04-04 00:37 EDT, Andy Chandler wrote:

> I'll try to get you an answer on that - The app itself is fairly  
> decent
> sized but I'm not sure its not broken into different pages.    What  
> I can
> tell you is that it is slow the first time you view the page after  
> tomcat is
> bounced, however all subsequent views in the same browser are fast  
> OR if you
> open a different browser on the same client it is also fast.    
> Unfortunately
> he couldn't yet tell me if views from other computers are also fast  
> after
> that one slow one.   I'll try to do some more tests over the next  
> day or
> two.   Can anyone tell me though if there is a difference between  
> passing
> the lzx the don't compile flag versus creating our own wrapper html  
> that
> references the compiled swf?
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> Or is this just network latency (and then browser caching)?  How  
> big is
> the swf?
> gse
> On Mon, 3 Apr 2006, P T Withington wrote:
>> There is a cache.  You can pre-load it by fetching the app.  You can
>> use wget or curl to do that in a script.
>> Only the very first user of your app would see a delay due to loading
>> the cache if your app has not changed.  The browser will also cache
>> your app -- you may be seeing the effect of the browser fetching the
>> app locally for subsequent access, if you see a speed up for all
>> users on the second access.
>> On 2006-04-03 17:04 EDT, Andy Chandler wrote:
>>> (I keep forgetting to use the correct account to send to the list -
>>> apologies if this winds up coming through twice)
>>> I was asked to pass this question along to the list :
>>>             We have a fairly large/complicated application and it
>>> has been
>>> observed that whenever a user  visits a page for the first time it
>>> can take
>>> around 15 seconds for the page to load - thereafter it loads much
>>> quicker.
>>> We believe it is due to compilation or perhaps loading the swf into
>>> a cache
>>> on the tomcat side of the equation and we were looking to see how
>>> we could
>>> avoid that step if the resource hasn't been updated since the last
>>> compilation or if its caching is there any way to pre-load it?
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