[Laszlo-user] newby consult

José Macchi jemacchi at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Apr 4 17:54:39 EDT 2006

Hi, I'm new in Lazslo matters so...be patient ! please.

This is my problem :
I send a request to a "map server" in a way that it response with a JPG 
file (but the URL it's not like 'http://www.haga.com/myImage.jpg',  the 
link is more like http://www.haga.com/wms?layer=my&type=JPG ) .
Then I set the src attribute from an <Image> component with that URL, 
but when the image try to show/actualize himself, i get the next message:

ERROR: ...data conversion error for <URL>  ....:"can't guess a supported 
mime-type from content"

is it posible to show a JPG without having and url like 
http://www.haga.com/myImage.jpg ????
How can i do that ?



PD: Sorry about my poor english, spanish it's my natural language.

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