[Laszlo-user] Accessing replicated subviews

James Howe openlaszlo at wingspread.imap-mail.com
Tue Apr 4 09:28:52 EDT 2006

In my application I have a view which looks like this:

	<view id="checkboxes">
		<simplelayout axis="y" spacing="2"/>
		<view datapath="categories:/categories/category">
			<checkbox text="$path{'@name'}" name="$path{'@name'}"/>

This produces a series of checkboxes which display available category  
names.  Elsewhere in the application I want to refer to those checkboxes.   
For example, I have some XML for an item which lists the categories to  
which the item belongs.  When I process that XML, I want to turn  
checkboxes on or off depending on which categories the item belongs to.   
I've tried accessing the items by looking at the subviews of the  
'checkboxes' view, but I can't seem to find the individual checkboxes.   
What am I overlooking?


James Howe

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