[Laszlo-user] pre-compile?

Andy Chandler achandler at visionael.com
Mon Apr 3 17:04:32 EDT 2006

(I keep forgetting to use the correct account to send to the list -
apologies if this winds up coming through twice)


I was asked to pass this question along to the list :


            We have a fairly large/complicated application and it has been
observed that whenever a user  visits a page for the first time it can take
around 15 seconds for the page to load - thereafter it loads much quicker.
We believe it is due to compilation or perhaps loading the swf into a cache
on the tomcat side of the equation and we were looking to see how we could
avoid that step if the resource hasn't been updated since the last
compilation or if its caching is there any way to pre-load it?    

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