[Laszlo-user] openlaszlo-3.2 compiled swf renders blank in IE browser

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Sun Apr 2 10:09:00 EDT 2006

I have been experiencing a bug which seems to be rare (although mentioned in earlier 

Put simply, compiled swf movies will not render in my IE browser, but render fine in 
Firefox 1.5.

Hoping that this bug might disappear with openlaszlo-3.2, unfortunately it is still there, 
and even mentioned in the release notes (advice - revert to embed.js release 3.0.2).

So I've investigated further and troubleshooting post is here ..


The problematic code is posted in that thread (and below).


My question is - where/how is that HTML wrapper code with two divs for main movie 
and dev console movie actually generated in openlaszlo-3.2?


I would like to amend it (for my purposes) to use flashobject.js.

Below is the edited/hacked version of the main + dev console wrapper code which now 
works in my IE browser.


      <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
      <link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" href="http://www.laszlosystems.com/favicon.ico">
      <link rel="stylesheet" href="/openlaszlo-3.2/lps/includes/console.css" type="text/css">
      <title>OpenLaszlo Application</title>
      <style type="text/css">
          img {border: 0}

<script language="JavaScript1.1" src="/openlaszlo-3.2/lps/includes/vbembed.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="/openlaszlo-3.2/lps/includes/embed.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="/openlaszlo-3.2/lps/includes/flashobject.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

<body style="margin: 0">

<!-- this commented out div code causes IE browser to render blank - needs to be investigated -->

      <div style="background-color: #ffffff"><script type="text/javascript">
          lzLPSRoot = '/openlaszlo-3.2';
          lzCanvasRuntimeVersion = 8 * 1;
          if (lzCanvasRuntimeVersion == 6) {
            lzCanvasRuntimeVersion = 6.65;
          if (isIE && isWin || detectFlash() >= lzCanvasRuntimeVersion) {
            lzEmbed({url: 'copy-of-hello.lzx?lzt=swf&debug=false&lzr=swf8&__lzhistconn='+top.connuid+'&__lzhisturl=' + escape('/openlaszlo-3.2/lps/includes/h.html?h='), bgcolor: '#ffffff', width: '100%', height: '100%', id: 'lzapp', accessible: 'false'}, lzCanvasRuntimeVersion);
          } else {
            document.write('This application requires Flash player ' + lzCanvasRuntimeVersion + '. <a href="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" target="fpupgrade">Click here</a> to upgrade.');
            Please enable JavaScript in order to use this application.

<!-- replaced above code with flashobject compliant code -->

	<div id="flashcontent">

	<script type="text/javascript">
		// <![CDATA[
		var fo = new FlashObject("copy-of-hello.lzx?lzt=swf", "lzapp", "100%", "100%", "7", "#FFFFFF");
		fo.addVariable("__lzhistconn", "\""+top.connuid+"\"");    // escape quotes
		fo.addVariable("__lzhisturl", "\""+escape('/openlaszlo-3.2/lps/includes/h.html?h=')+"\"");    // escape quotes
		// ]]>

<!-- this div code below left unedited since it renders the dev console o.k. -->

      <div id="footer"><script type="text/javascript">
      lzEmbed({url: '/openlaszlo-3.2/lps/admin/dev-console.lzx.swf?lzappuid=copy-of-hello.lzx&lzt=swf&appinfo=%3Cdata%3E%3Crequest+lps%3D%22%2Fopenlaszlo-3.2%22+url%3D%22copy-of-hello.lzx%22+relurl%3D%22my-apps%2Fcopy-of-hello.lzx%22+fullpath%3D%22%2Fopenlaszlo-3.2%2Fmy-apps%2Fcopy-of-hello.lzx%22+opt-url%3D%22copy-of-hello.lzo%22+unopt-url%3D%22copy-of-hello.lzx%22+query_args%3D%22%26amp%3Bdebug%3Dfalse%26amp%3Blzr%3Dswf8%22+pocketpc%3D%22false%22+console-remote-debug%3D%22null%22+console-floating-
      <div class="info"><b>Runtime Target: </b>swf8<br><b>Application Size: </b>72K
         (73,658 bytes)
         <a target="_blank" href="copy-of-hello.lzx?lzt=info&amp;debug=false&amp;lzr=swf8">Size profile</a></div>

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