[Laszlo-user] Recursive classes

Robin robin at kallisti.net.nz
Sun Apr 2 01:59:12 EST 2006

Hi, I'm trying to do something like:
  <class name="headerview">
   <simplelayout axis="y" />
     <resizelayout axis="x" />
     <header datapath="title" options='releasetolayout' />
   <headerview datapath="subheader" />

Where the kind of data it's reading from is:

    <title>Top title</title>
     <title>Second title 1</title>
     <title>Second title 2</title>
       <title>Third title 1</title>
       <title>Third title 2</title>
       <title>Third title 3</title>

However, the call to <headerview> inside of the class definition seems to
cause an infinite loop, and nothing shows up. What can I do about this? I
thought that the fact that the replication would mean that no headerview
instances are produced would stop the recursion, however I guess it's trying
to process it when it loads, rather than when it runs.

I want to have a kind of recursive header builder, that ultimately is going to
look something like:

                           Top title
           Second title 1              Second title 2
   Third title 1         Third title 2          Third title 3

Any input welcome.


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